My Evolved Life | Episode #6 - Tish Duffy | Success Comes One Step at a Time

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Jan 02 2020 59 mins  

In today's episode, I had a raw and passionate conversation with Tish Duffy, an online coach, about how to create successful goals, habits, and routines. We covered topics such as extrinsic vs. intrinsic goals, how to create manageable and achievable goals, and how thinking about your health today has long term benefits.

11:27 - How to find the right trainer for you
17:40 - Habits of successful clients
23:28 - How to overcome limiting beliefs
26:47 - How to overcome fear of the gym
31:21 - The biggest exercise myth for women
36:29 - What you can do if you're not ready for the gym 
41:27 - The top 5 non-aesthetic benefits of exercise
45:04 - The long term benefits of exercise


Tish is an online coach with 25 years of industry experience and is also the owner of Strong Bodies by Tish. She's been recognized by Impact Magazine as both a top trainer and top instructor. She's got a ton of industry knowledge to share with us in this episode.

Instagram: @trainwithtish


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