My Evolved Life - Episode #11 - Lorraine Clifford | Breathe and Go Slowly

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Feb 07 2020 41 mins  

On today's episode, I have a breathtaking conversation with a Breathing Educator, Lorraine Clifford, about the importance of identifying poor breathing habits and correcting them. We talked about how poor breathing habits can have long term effects, how mouth breathing affects children,  and how correcting your breathing habits can change your life.

3:20 - Why do we need to be more conscious about our breathing?
5:53 - What are the symptoms of poor breathing habits?
9:11 - What does proper breathing look like?
14:28 - Why do we have to be even more conscious of our breath during exercise?
16:05 - How would you instruct someone through a good breath?
21:07 - How do poor breathing habits cause sleep apnea?
24:38 - How do you stay on your side when you're sleeping?
31:22 - How breathing affects the body's ability to detoxify
33:11 - What are the exercises you can do at home to repair your breathing patterns?


Lorraine started her life as the fourth child in a family of ten. She is a Mom of 4 and a grandmother of 13. Lorraine worked in the dental field as an Orthodontist assistant for 35 years.

She was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 36 when health, or regaining her health got pushed to the forefront of her life. During her 14 years gracing the doors of the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary she started taking courses on alternative health and eventually dove in with both feet, went back to school full time at the age of 52 to get the designation of CHN Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant with extended nutritional certificates.

She continued her learning with German New Medicine, Reiki Master, Metabolic Balance Coach and most recently Buteyko Breathing Educator. Lorraine is passionate about helping others understand how they can change their lives, become healthier and have a better quality of life.