My Evolved Life | Episode #13 - Tara Abel | You Can't Out Train Postpartum

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Feb 20 2020 59 mins  

On this week's episode, I have a conversation with Tara Abel, a Postnatal Fitness Specialist, about what mothers experience during and after birth. We talked about how diastasis recti affects all mothers, the "Four Ps" of postpartum, and exercises to consider after birth.

7:04 - What is Diastasis Recti?
10:44 - Is there a range in severity?
16:34 - How do men best support their partners through postpartum?
19:04 - What are the symptoms of Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor issues?
23:10 - What happens if the symptoms aren't addressed?
25:52 - What do all moms need to hear about diastasis recti?
27:09 - How do you find a professional to help you?
32:34 - What are the types of specialists that can help?
35:04 - What exercises are generally safe?
40:28 - Are bodyweight exercises automatically safe?
42:21 - How do you know when you're ready for exercise?
45:55 - How to shift your mindset to valuing exercise?
50:10 - What are some tricks to getting exercise into your schedule?


Tara was an athlete growing up but struggled to maintain her athleticism after becoming a mom. What started as the pursuit of weight loss turned into a life-changing shift in mindset, strength, confidence, falling in love with lifting weights, and wanting to make it attainable for other women to do the same.

She became a Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for taking the overwhelm out of fitness for women and supporting them in every stage. She coaches busy women to make realistic, moderate, sustainable changes that meet them wherever they’re at. After overcoming severe diastasis recti postpartum, she became especially passionate about empowering women with education on core and pelvic floor health and was certified as a Postnatal Fitness Specialist and a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach.

A mom to four wild and lovely young children, Tara understands the importance and difficulty of finding a balance and of looking at fitness from a holistic lens. She wants every woman to be able to chase after their kids, say yes to every activity, and to feel free and empowered in their body. When Tara’s not at the gym, you can be sure she’s spending time with her family, doing home renos, or getting overly competitive while playing board games.

Website: | Instagram: @taraabelfitness