My Evolved Life | Episode #15 - Laura Davies | Self Care Isn't Selfish

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Mar 05 2020 59 mins  

On this week's episode, I have a conversation with Laura Davies, a mindset coach. We got into topics like how to change our relationship with pain, how to get rid of old habits and how to build new ones.

6:16 - What are the biggest mental blocks for moms?
8:27 - What is a general coaching session really like?
12:27 - What do you need to know about getting rid of bad habits?
15:43 - What is a technique you Can use to find presence?
17:29 - How do you change your relationship with pain?
20:11 - What can I do to help reinforce affirmations and thoughts?
25:12 - How do you begin to build new positive habits?
32:24 - What can you do to develop more self-awareness?
35:47 - What is Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)?
42:34 - How do we build resilience and stop playing the victim?
49:38 - How do your actions and beliefs influence your children?