My Evolved Life | Episode #16 - Sarah Stewart | Health Has No Expiration Date

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Mar 12 2020 56 mins  

On this week's episode, I have a conversation with Sarah Stewart, a ballet instructor. We got into topics like how to overcome the fear of exercise, why it's never too late to start and the importance of exercise on longevity.

8:45 - Why is it important to start exercising regardless of age?
12:21 - How do you get over the fear of starting to exercise?
25:24 - What is different about people who are active their whole lives?
29:58 - What can you learn from someone who's active in their 80s?
37:05 - What kind of mindset do you need about exercise before you start?
42:21 - Should moms feel guilty for taking time for themselves?


Sarah is a professionally trained dancer originally from the UK. She began her dancing career at the age of six and has experience in ballet, modern and tap. She now teaches students at the School of Alberta Ballet and is the visionary behind and founder of Balletiques.

Balletiques was created because Sarah wanted to show people that ballet is an amazing form of exercise and that anyone can do it. Balletiques fuses ballet and fitness to create fun, accessible, and approachable workouts. Using her expertise and knowledge, Sarah teaches you the basic fundamentals of ballet, using real terminology and demonstrates how to do steps safely and correctly.

To learn more about Sarah, check out her website: