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Nov 10 2019 22 mins  

Sermon preached on 2019-11-10 by Rev. John Conway. Worship series, "A Season of Saints." Sermon, "Rachel Held Evans." Acts 5:27-39.

“Christianity isn’t meant to simply be believed; it’s meant to be lived, shared, eaten, spoken and enacted in the presence of other people.”
 “Faith isn’t about being right, or settling down, or refusing to change. Faith is a journey.”
-Rachel Held Evans , Searching for Sunday

Saints come in all ages, and in all shapes, and in all sizes. Saints are living today, sometimes in plain sight and sometimes hidden. Saints don’t always declare themselves by leading “holy” or “saintly” lives as we may imagine those types of lives to be. Instead, there are saints who show themselves by how they approach their faith and their doubt and uncertainty in their day-to-day lives. They find sainthood in their unique, everyday living with their own unique shortcomings banging up against the shortcomings of others.

  • Have you met someone who, by how they lived their lives, taught you what it means to be a Christian? What in your faith life do you owe to their example? How can you pass that lesson on?
  • Doubt is a part of the Christian faith journey. This week, spend some time in prayer about what it is you may be doubting in your faith.
  • One common aspect of saints is their joy in living for God, a joy expressed in the pictures of their dancing in harmony on the walls of St. Gregory’s Church. Find a way this week to express your own unique joy in God.

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