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Dec 22 2019 3 mins  

Sermon preached on 2019-12-22 by Rev. John Conway. Worship series, "Heaven and Nature Sing!" Sermon, “Make the Nations Prove: Peaceful Joy.” Isaiah 7:13-15 and Matthew 1:18-25.

Due to technical difficulties the audio file only includes the scripture reading and not the sermon as preached. The sermon manuscript can be downloaded from this link.

Reflection Questions:

  • How can we take a deep breath and, like Joseph, open to discover what may be an unexpected gift in the midst of a difficult situation? 
  • What will help us choose peace and serenity instead of joining chaos when we encounter it? 
  • How are we contributing to chaos instead of the reign of truth and grace? 
  • Who in your life or community needs a “kiss” of peaceful joy and the spirit of Christ?

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