Jane Fonda The Activist

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Jan 08 2020 12 mins  

Jane Fonda has had a life full of activism and has now begun “Fire Drill Fridays.” The protests, which Fonda refers to as "Fire Drill Friday," are to show support for a Green New Deal and bring awareness to the ways in which climate change affects other parts of human life, such as women's rights, access to drinking water and global militarism.

It's amazing to me how many other people she is having come with her to join the cause. It's truly inspiring. 

This episode is all about how Jane started and at the end about where she is now. The story is told by comedian "Steph Charaska". 

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Steph Charaska (Storyteller)


  • Drake Shrader (vocals) 
  • Holly Souchack (vocals)
  • Mary Hynes (vocals)
  • Lexi Alioto (vocals) 
  • Arne Parrot (guitar) 
  • Matt Griffo (vocal/piano/bass)
  • Dan Krackhardt (cajon)

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