Tax Strategy for E-Commerce with Tax Expert Josh Bauerle from CPA on Fire

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Aug 18 2020 43 mins  

Episode 34

Josh Bauerle, CPA is a tax accountant and founder of CPA on Fire. Josh worked in a wide variety of accounting and advising positions prior starting CPA On Fire in December of 2012.  His passion is working with entrepreneurs to help them maximize their profits and minimize their tax liability.

On this episode, we dive into the following topics: 

  • What should ecommerce sellers that are just starting focus on in terms of taxes
  • What is one of the top tax write-offs that is overlooked?
  • What entity is better for a seller just starting to build a business, LLC, S-Corp?
    • At what point is it better to transition from an LLC to an S-Corp?
  • Top 3 tips to save on taxes for ecom sellers
  • What are your thoughts on letting Amazon handle sales tax vs. applying for state nexus and doing it yourself?
  • Are there any opportunities to save money on sales tax?
  • What would you say to someone that says “I didn’t make any money from my start up this year, therefore, I am not going to file a return.”

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