Latest and Greatest News in E-Commerce World - Summer 2020

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Aug 25 2020 24 mins  

Episode 35

In this episode, we will talk about the latest and greatest news that is happening in the e-commerce world. Big names in the industry are making noise from Amazon to Walmart and even Shopify. Some of them are suffering, while others are emerging. How will the market play out when the pandemic is all over?

Let’s dive into this episode and dig into three articles that Ken and I will dissect to give you a better view of what’s in store for the e-commerce industry.

[00:01 - 13:43] Amazon Racing to Remove the Fulfillment Bottleneck

  • Opening Segment
  • We talked about an article about Amazon's recent struggles with its inventory.
    • Non-essential jobs are unable to perform
    • Amazon's inventory is running out of space
    • Amazon's IPI metrics impact on the market
  • Why We Use Amazon Fulfillment Center
    • Amazon is one of the best logistics company in the world
    • Third-party sellers are having a hard time due to capacity increase
  • Amazon's inability to handle fulfillment is hurting your business
    • Shipments are being delivered but not being checked-in leading to a decrease in the product ranking
  • Amazon is planning to increase its warehouse volume by 50%
    • This is a 100-year asset
    • This is a very long term bet on the future of e-commerce and the future of fulfillment
    • It could help third-party sellers increase their leverage

[13:44 - 19:25] Walmart Doubles Marketplace Size in a Year

  • We talked about an article about Walmart's unprecedented growth after partnering with Shopify
    • They are competing with Amazon
    • Wallmart has now the opportunity to take advantage of Amazon's struggles
  • Partnership between Wallmart and Shopify
    • It is increasing their marketplace and product portfolio
  • We talked about challenges and barriers
    • The harder they are, the less amount of competition you're going to have when you get across.

[19:26 - 24:04] Amazon Lost Web Traffic Market Share

  • We talked about an article Amazon losing market share as measured by web traffic
    • Top players who are adopting e-commerce remained the same
  • Third-party sellers are stepping up
  • How can amazon bounce back?
    • This is only a chink in their armor
  • Final words from Ken and me
  • Closing Segment

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