Interview with Karl Sona: Expert in Time Management and Personal Development

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Sep 08 2020 41 mins  

Episode 37

In this episode, we interview personal development expert Karl Sona. Karl is passionate about the hustle with the time management skills to execute it. He is the host of the Free Time Podcast as well as the Chief Revenue Officer of Streamlined Podcasts, a service providing post-production services for podcasters. 

Let’s dive right in and gain some wisdom from Karl on how we can maximize our free time as well as some strategies and advice for personal development. 

[00:01 - 07:11] Maximizing Your Time 

  • I introduce our guest Karl Sona 
  • Karl talks about taking ownership of your time

[07:12 - 18:09] Getting Honest with Yourself

  • Karl shares about how he realized he needed change in his life
  • Be willing to fill the gaps in your skills and knowledge
  • Karl gives some more resources that shifted his thinking - links below

[18:10 - 32:38] Personal Development 

  • Karl talks strategy around balancing time 
    • Starting early with prayer, meditation, journaling, reading 
  • Karl talks about knowing your limits around personal development 
    • Remind yourself about the things that you’ve done and be thankful
  • We talk about the importance of reward systems for completing goals
    • Prioritize rest and reflection in whatever way you need

[32:39 - 41:02] Connecting with Like-Minded People

  • Karl talks about the power of positive connections 
    • The right people will elevate you 
  • Be the one who also adds value
  • The room that excites you is the right room 
  • Lightning Round segment with Karl
    • Favorite book
    • Hobbies
    • Successful e-commerce entrepreneurs vs people who give up
    • How to Connect with Karl - links below

Resources Mentioned:


Connect with Karl on LinkedIn and Instagram @karl.sona. Visit and book a free session at





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