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Sep 29 2020 21 mins  

Episode 40

In today's episode, we are going to be diving into some of the headlines and latest news going on in the e-commerce world. We will be discussing 3 articles regarding Amazon and other updates that will definitely be a useful resource to boost your eCommerce.

Let’s dive right into this episode and be sure to stay tuned for a next-level hack

[00:01 - 10:18] Amazon-Native Brand Anker Goes Public

  • The brand was one of the first Amazon-native brands and is now on target to hit $1 billion in sales in 2020.
  • A Chinese brand founded in 2011 by ex-Google engineer Steven Yang
  • Only 146k followers on Instagram (Focus on Amazon) 
  • Branch out and use the growth to fuel their sales channel (Walmart, Best buy, apple store) 
  • 50% of Anker staff work on research and development 
  • How much of our time as a Solo-preneur are we spending on research and development?
    • research new products, reading negative reviews and listening to the voice of the customer
  • Learn from Anker Listing

[10:19 - 29:35] Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime is in Limbo

  • Amazon increases their fees every year especially on Q4
  • A lot of companies tend to migrate to 3PL
  • Amazon increasing its warehouse capacity by 50%
  • 3PL will not be able to keep their prime batch 
  • Amazon statistics they release new rules starting February 1st,2021 on seller fulfilled Prime 
    • estimate that only 10% of existing seller fulfilled Prime members will be able to meet those standards 10%
  • September 2nd, Walmart announced Walmart+
  • Will they be able to meet the Amazon Prime fulfillment standard 

[15:55 - 21:57] Amazon Added Brand Stores to Search 

  • Amazon is testing a change to its search suggestions that adds a link to the related brand’s store page
  • Being brand registered and trademarked is important for more benefits
  • Amazon conversion rates are way higher than just your standard e-commerce site
  • Next level hack (Etsy following a similar branded store approach)
    • Putting your product keyword as your new branding name
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  • Final Words

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