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Nov 03 2020 45 mins  

Episode 45

In this episode, we will be interviewing the best selling author of the book Buy Then Build, Walker Diebel. He is also a serial acquisition entrepreneur, M&A advisor, and a successful movie producer. Walker acquired seven companies over ten years and co-founded several startups.

Let’s dive right in and learn how to buy a business without having to have the money that it takes. 

[00:01 - 06:00] Opening Segment

  • Walker shares the story about his background and the beginning of his career journey
  • Acquiring some of the largest companies in the world was achievable

[06:01 - 14:34] Buy Then Build 

  • Walker talks about the inspiration behind the content of his book, Buy Then Build
  • Walker talks about the first company he bought in 2008 that gives him the idea to write his book

[15:30 - 25:59] Don’t Start a Business 

  • Walker shares his opinion on why he does not recommend starting a business 
  • Taking the odds of the startup model and just flip it over

[20:40 - 25:39] Ten Trillion Dollars Tsunami

  • Walker talks about the Ten Trillion Dollar Tsunami
  • There are ten trillion dollars of business value currently owned by baby boomers that need to change

[25:40 - 30:19] Growth Mindset Vs. Fix Mindset

  • Walker talks about Carol Dweck’s mindset traits study
  • Walker talks about Positive psychology

[30:20 - 37:15] Successful Acquisition 

  • Walker talks about one of the most important pieces of the puzzle during the acquisition process
  • Finding capital to buy a company

[37:26 - 45:24] Closing Segment

  • Favorite book:
    • Good to Great by Jim Collins
    • The Innovation Stack by Jim McKelvey 
  • Hobbies: Reading and writing, Road biking, Film producing  
  • Successful e-commerce entrepreneurs vs. people who give up: 
    • Get up early and set aside time to think. 
    • Work hard.
  • How to Connect with Walker - links below

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