Breaking News in Q4 in the E-Commerce Industry

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Nov 17 2020 19 mins  

Episode 47

In this episode, we will talk about the current events happening in the world of e-commerce. We will discuss probably the most significant news in the e-commerce world today. We will also talk about several news related to Amazon and share our insights about turning a famous video platform into an online shopping center. 

Let’s dive right into this episode and dig into the news articles Ken and I discussed to give you a better view of what’s in store for the e-commerce world. 

[00:01 - 06:25] Tech Giants in Trouble? 

  • We talk about the 451-paged report released by the United States House of Representatives on the competitive practices of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple
  • We share our thoughts about the issues being thrown at Amazon, specifically on the experience of third-party sellers 
    • David shares a big brother-little brother analogy as he gave his insights about the report

[06:26 - 15:02] Happenings in the Amazon

  • David shares his suggestions to make the launching of Amazon Prime Day better next time.
  • Ken shares his thoughts on why Prime Day seems to be not a big deal this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • We discuss the new feature on the Seller Central mobile app
  • David talks about the customer experience being enhanced by the 2020 Extended Holiday Returns Policy
    • The Policy benefits Amazon but not third-party sellers 
  • Ken shares his thoughts about Amazon releasing webinars through their Amazon Small Business Academy

[15:03 - 19:50] Shopping on YouTube 

  • David talks about how YouTube can be transformed into an online shopping center
    • Ken shares his insights about how tags and meta-descriptions in YouTube videos can increase Google’s revenue
  • David shares his thoughts, hoping that YouTube will not lose its authenticity if this plan proceeds
  • Final words

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