Why Timelines Create True Human Bonding in Your Marketing and in All Your Relationships

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Feb 04 2020 36 mins  

#003 Marketers, today, when they want to move into storytelling and to add personality to their marketing... they either brag about their success or present random facts about themselves, such as showing a picture of their dog or a story about their daughter.  This creates a disjointed random picture of them in the minds of their prospects, and any true connection would be the result of mere luck.  But luck is not a business strategy.  That's why, in StoryBonding, we've created a simple and effective framework you can use to bond with anybody: StoryBonding Timelines. So listen right now, to discover this tool and to start using it today.  Because human bonding is the most rewarding experience you can give your prospects, and you can have in your marketing. It's what takes all your communications beyond features and benefits, into the realm of deeper meaning and true connection. Website: https://storybonding.com/ Support: http://buymeacoff.ee/storybonding Music: THBD - Good For You

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