How To Find The Cool New Business Idea That Will Make You Money (Niche Selection)

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Mar 05 2020 29 mins  

#005 The standard advice for selecting a business niche is wrong. They tell you to search through forums, read through blog comments, and talk to people to find out a problem you can solve, then make that your niche. That's a recipe for short term success, and a guaranteed way to become a commodity. Sooner or later, someone will come through, and will do the same thing you are doing cheaper, faster and better. (Especially soon, when the marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence will be unleashed. Then all these businesses begging to become commodities will lose everything.) We do things differently around here. In StoryBonding, YOU are the source of truly lasting competitive advantage. Your vulnerable humanity is what will attract people and bond them to you like glue. And if this feels uncomfortable, it's not uncommon, I work deeply with my Mentorship Clients to release these blockages and limitations because it seems everyone feels either they're not good enough, or not interesting enough, or having nothing to say, or cannot open their hearts enough. Well, what does this whole thing have to do with niche selection? Everything. Your emotional scars are real fingerprints. They have made you who you are. And your scars have prepared you to help people with a problem in a way that is unique to you, a way that nobody else could create in this world. And when you let your scars guide you to that niche, all the StoryBonding Stories you'll tell, all the concepts you'll come up with, and all the advice you'll share will resonate with people in a way that no persuasive outdated marketing, hyped up unbelievable sales letters, or too-cool for school image branding could do. Music: THBD - Good For You

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