The New Way To Attract Good Clients Without Pursuing Or Trying -- What Works in Business in the 2020s

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Mar 05 2020 45 mins  

#006 Many business people try to get clients the wrong way. They think that by trying to get business, by instigating, initiating, and inviting people to take the next step, they will sell more. But in reality, a quirk of human nature is that we run away from that which pursues us. The right way to sell more is to attract people. Not only will people not run away when they are the ones taking the steps to get closer to buying from you, but there is also an added benefit: Humans only see the value of things they have put effort into, and devalue things that come to them easy, without effort. So by them taking the steps to come closer to you, to be attracted by you, they will recognize the real value of what you offer. But when you try to sell to them, subconsciously they think "If it's so valuable, why does he or she have to work so hard to sell me on it?!"   

Whether you're an agency owner, a consultant, a coach, a freelancer, or even an online business owner and product creator... Whether you're an influencer, blogger, vlogger, youtube personality or online celebrity... The strategic understanding from this episode will give you what you need to attract clients, customers, and fans to you and to your work.

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