Coronavirus / COVID-19: How The Corona Threat Will Forever Change The Way Business Is Done -- Critical Knowledge For the 2020s

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Mar 14 2020 15 mins  

#007 The Coronavirus has currently made all human contact dangerous. The basis for such social isolation is fear.
The problem is, such fear of human contact is traumatic. Even when the Coronavirus Pandemic stops, people on some level will feel a fear of direct contact with strangers. A "fear of the other" if you will.
Such trauma does not go away easily.
That's why, the correct procedure right now is to move more and more of your work to be remote work, into a virtual office, and do as much as possible of your lead generation, deal making, and product delivery / service fulfillment online.
It's important to begin doing this fast, because million of people will move into online work, and will be driven to start online businesses, because of the fear and panic they feel caused by Corona, and so the competition will become even more fierce. You have to be ahead of the curve with this.
Also, even when things "return to normal," others will notice a huge drop in their results after the Corona Pandemic passes, so you have to be prepared because then, even more people will realize it's important to do a lot of their work virtually. You have to be already established before the competition makes it too difficult for any new entrant to make it.
Then, when you establish your completely virtual online business, you'll know that you can make money and earn your income from your home, using your laptop and phone, and have built the infrastructures and skills to thrive. Your income will continue and grow whether Coronavirus stays, get eliminated, or in the likely event that another pandemic hits us hard at a future point.
Whether you're an online business owner, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a coach, an agency owner, a retailer, an executive, a VP in the boardroom, a professional networker, a vlogger, a blogger, an influencer, a youtube personality, or other, this episode will give you new perspectives on the right thing to do.
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