Why Your Success Is Almost 100% Guaranteed With This New Paradigm (Ultimate Prioritization & Productivity For The 2020s)

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Apr 10 2020 60 mins  

#010 Powerful idea filled with hope:

If you become above average (better than 51% of people) in these 3 simple key areas of business, you will be in the top 20% and get better results than 80% of the people.

I'll even show you why, based on statistical principles, this is how real life operates. This is relevant for success in every area of life, not just business.

People don't know how to truly prioritize. They either follow their gut, without a clear view of the big picture. Or let what is urgent grab their attention and determine what they do. What ends up happening, is they keep running around in circles, working hard but wasting a lot of efforts, not getting anywhere.

However, when you have this deeper perspective of the world, where you understand at a deeper level how success works, you can then do less and get much more. Why? Because you'll have leverage. The reality of life is that not all efforts are created equal: Some efforts get you a 1000 times more results than lower importance efforts. However, those leverage points are a few, and the distraction points are many. It's much more "natural" to spend all your time randomly doing things that make you feel busy but lead to no results, rather than using this perspective you'll discover today to pinpoint what really matters and will get you the success you want.

You'll also discover why success is easier than you think.

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