Joe Schriefer Interview (Agora Financial): Protecting Your Business & Finances During The Coming COVID-19 Economic Crisis

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Apr 17 2020 27 mins  

#011 Joe Schriefer Interview (Agora Financial):

Even when this human health crisis ends, the Coronavirus / COVID-19 will create an economic crisis that is deeper still. Businesses and individuals will suffer even more economic turmoil.

By understanding the factors at play, and what is known so far... you can take the right steps to protect yourself and your family from this chaos, and to build a stronger financial position even when layoffs continue, and even when business stops being done in the usual ways.

It's a new age, a new page. You can fill this page with innovation and new success, or make it the end of a glorious era and the beginning of seriously bad times.

If you'd like to know how to be the exception... what to do during these times to survive... how to take advantage of financial and business opportunities that you're not aware of... which resources to use to keep your pulse on what is going on right now, and how to find ways to make money and protect your wealth during this turmoil... then listen to today's episode right now...

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