How To Deal With ALL Rejections Without Breaking Down Or Freaking Out...

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May 04 2020 45 mins  

#012 Rejection is an essential companion on the path to success. 

Most people, as soon as they face rejection, either take it personally as an evaluation of their worth, or run away never wanting to feel that sting again. This leads to people taking less risks, not persevering enough, and staying barricaded in their comfort zones, decimating their growth and their potential.

However, when you understand the true nature of rejection -- and it's something I can bet you have never thought of or even heard before, you can finally be liberated. Not because of positive thinking or affirmations -- which are things I love. But because of a true understanding of the pattern of success in life and in reality. Then, you wake up every day with a smile, and look forward to the first rejection of the day. That first rejection that you'll face with an amused smirk, and keep going strong, with renewed enthusiasm each time. Because, as Churchill said: "Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." 

There is a pattern that will make keeping your enthusiasm as easy and as natural as ever, so keep listening.

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