TODAY: Discover Your True Talent And Follow It Towards Your Deep Destiny

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May 15 2020 24 mins  

Most people in the world operate by following whatever road they happen to start on, whether that is doing what their family groomed them to do, copying what their friends do, or simply doing what school and university taught them. They never take the time to see where they fit in this world, what is their true talent, their unborn uniqueness. 

Therefore, they spend their time either doing what other people tell them, rather than what makes them feel alive, what fills them with passion every day. Or maybe being part of the "gig economy," basically being a slave to whatever commodity role some bigger system assigned for them. Always feeling something is missing in their lives. Never waking up excited for the day. Never feeling flow. And barely getting any real self-esteem, which comes from being recognized for doing something exceptionally well. 

Everyone has a True Talent that you can do easily and that you can do exceptionally well, but very few people find it. This episode will show you the path, the way towards your true talent, so listen to it until the end.

Music: THBD - Good For You

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