How To Succeed As An Authentic Marketer In The 2020s

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May 26 2020 33 mins  

#014 Many people think they need to pretend to be someone else to do great marketing. 

So they copy others, swipe from what they think is working right now, and therefore sound similar to their biggest competitors. There are 3 problems with this: 

(1) If they sound similar to other people, they do not stand out. They come across as copycats, rather than originals. And reduce trust, because they seem like untrustworthy thieves. 

(2) They will always feel like an imposter, because by copying others, they are sending to themselves this message loud and clear: I am not good enough to succeed the way I am, so I have to pretend to be someone else. And even if they get some succeed, on some level, they will feel it's not them who got it, so they never build self esteem. 

(3) Who they are is always their ultimate uniqueness. There is only ONE of you, and therefore, nobody can compete or dethrone you from that positioning. Being fully yourself is the best protection you can ever have for your business.

Listen to this fully to update your thinking, and see that there is another way beyond manipulation, pretense, and "fake-ness".

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