Is It Possible To Be A Happy Successful Marketer?!

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Jun 17 2020 43 mins  

#016 I believe the most important thing in life is to have as many moments of warm happiness as possible. However, many people forget this. They are either too busy working too much, or having too many worried and negative thoughts, or just to wait for the future and "someday" to choose to be happy. But they forget that today, this day, and every single moment will be lost if we do not choose to be happy.

And since work is a big chunk of our lives, a big part of what we do in our day, if we're miserable in the way we're earning money, it's no wonder this misery spills over to every other part of our lives, leaving our baseline emotion totally unhappy.

However, there is a real solution:

Instead of using the common marketing methods where people compromise themselves trying to appeal to whoever they think the average consumer is... instead of trying to say what we think others will like, rather than revealing our truth...
We can proactively use our marketing to transform our business life into one filled with happiness...

Because the real key to happiness is that you live the life you are meant to live, that is: to live in accordance with your own personal values. Listen to this episode to know how.

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