Acing Job Interviews During The Economic Crisis With The Power of Personal Positioning

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Jul 20 2020 36 mins  

#021 The coronavirus economic crisis caused millions of jobs lost, and this is just the beginning. 

More businesses will go bankrupt, more places will need to lay off employees, and in such a tough market, more people will be fighting for less and less available jobs. 

And the competition is international in this time of remote work, so almost all 8 billion humans on this planet could be your competition. 

To compete in the same standard leaves you vulnerable to those who know the power of personal positioning. Those people will sweet in, take the available jobs right from under your nose, leaving you a statistic stuck to the unemployment line in today's tough job market and tougher crisis.

Instead, if you understand and use the simple tools of powerful personal positioning, you are basically creating a market of one: You will stand out like a bright shining star in every pile of resumés and in every job interview you'll come across, increasing your chances to get the job immensely.

But there is a solution, and you will know how to begin applying this solution, today. 

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