How "Chaos Theory" Is The Missing Key To Stop Procrastination & Get Success Today

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Jul 28 2020 36 mins  

#24C02T36 Life is Chaos. Life is a lot more random than you think. And for anybody who doesn't know exactly what this means, they will live a life of suffering.

  • First, they'll take the wrong actions that get them the opposite of what they want.
  • Second, they'll give up just before they get a breakthrough more often than not.
  • Third, they will take any failure personally, destroying their self-esteem, punishing themselves simply because they don't understand how chaos and randomness work.

But when you do, life becomes different. When you understand the rules of chaos, you can begin to take more action easily and swiftly... You'll begin to take more of the right actions that will get you the results you want. And your attitude and response to rejection, failure, and obstacles will become so positive and empowering, it's like you welcome those experiences!

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