Episode #1: Myths busted and how to stay healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic (Interview with Dr. Jen)

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Apr 08 2020 16 mins  

Episode #1 Phone Interview with Dr. Jen – Dispelling myths of Coronavirus

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is the difference between Corona Virus and COVID 19?
  • Isn’t COVID 19 just an extreme flu?
  • I heard someone say kids are immune? Is that true?
  • When should I seek medical attention?
  • I heard the outbreak began because people ate bat soup in China?
  • Can I protect myself by gargling bleach or snorting hand sanitizer?
  • Can antibiotics kill coronavirus?
  • Should I be wearing a mask and gloves?
  • So how can I protect myself?


My website:


Some helpful info the doc prescribed:

Hand washing video (How you should ACTUALLY wash your hands!)


Corona Virus Explained (For a scientific breakdown):


Lizzo handwash parody “Clean as Hell”  (For fun):