Messages of Motivation and Positivity with Dominick Domasky

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May 26 2020 56 mins  

Today we talk to Dominick Domasky the founder of Motivation Champs about his message of positivity inspiration and motivation.

Dominick is an inspirational author, storyteller and founder of the inspiration sharing and publishing platform Motivation Champs. Dominick is the author of the inspirational books the author of the inspirational books, “The Journey of a Grunt” and “Don’t Double Bread the Fish”, and creator and co-author of the hit books The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood and Go Ask Your Dad


Recently, he released the hard-hitting eBook How to Write a Book in 2020 and immediately it became a Bestseller on Amazon. Dominick’s greatest accomplishments are his two children, and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be.

You can find him at