A Leadership Journey with Jeff Hancher

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Aug 04 2020 48 mins  

Today’s Guest is Jeff Hancher the founder of the Champion Forum. He is a keynote speaker and works with companies of all sizes as a leadership coach offering private and group coaching. His Career began serving his country in the United States Army. After which he joined the private sector workforce a blue-collar worker. A true case of hard work and dedication paying off he would be promoted 10 times and hold an executive leadership position at that same fortune 500 company.


Leadership Development

 How do Leadership Styles Vary?
What is the Value of Mentoring vs. Coaching in developing yourself as a leader?

Resilience is a popular word given the world lately. How can leaders who have suffered setbacks learn and recover from them? 

 For about 75 days every client was asking me about what I saw in the business world. How have you seen your clients have to adjust and evolve to the business climate?

 Are there books that influenced your own development as a leader?

Finding and Developing New Leaders

 When I look around my peer group are now all senior execs and business owners. What are some ways we can help develop the next set of leaders?

 If you are early in your career or have just decided it’s time to grow and take on more how can individual contributors begin to show leadership qualities?

 Is mastery of various areas of the business essential for growing as a fully rounded executive?