Creating Wow Virtual and Live Customer Events with Amanda Ma

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Aug 18 2020 56 mins  

Amanda Ma is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Innovate Marketing Group (IMG,) an award-winning event and experiential marketing agency based in Los Angeles.  Born in Taiwan and raised in Arcadia, CA, Amanda studied business at Boston University in Boston, MA and studied abroad in London, UK.

You can find Amanda and her team at
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The Topics covered in this episode include
Amanda’s Back Story and Company History. How she got started in the events and experiential marketing industry. Her entrepreneurial journey and how her own leadership style changed as her business grew.
What Changes Have You seen in your core business 
The Benefits of Using an Events Agency
What does and an events company like yours do? 
Why do people use events companies rather than in house resources?
Your customer list is impressive. Can emerging brands and regional companies also benefit from your services?  
What are the typical client goals for an event?
How can the right event strategies help meet clients goals?
How to create an experience for guests at your event?
Is there a fundamental difference between events that are targeted at customers, for example, a product launch or “users conference”: vs. An Internal team event like an annual kick-off?
Are there universal elements that are the same at every event?
Do you help your clients refine and message to their target audience for an event or launch?
How do you measure the success of an event?
Potential Follow Up - How do you and your team provide cost control and an improved ROI?
Creating Culturally Inclusive Events
What advice would you give to a client who wants to create an event that is culturally inclusive but is worried that doing so might be interpreted as Cultural appropriation? 

My background is Tech and most of the major events have an international audience. What are some best practices for making sure guests all fell welcome, safe, and appreciated?

Multi-Lingual Events

Can “Event Apps” Help Create a More Inclusive Experience for events?

Why is the Pivot to Virtual Events is necessary?
You have a great PDF on the topic of moving to virtual events. It’s a big topic right now so can you briefly describe the differences, advantages to the hosting company and benefit to the attendees of 

1)A Webinar
3)Live Streaming
4)And finally Virtual Events  

The cost of events, related T&E, and what not help many companies back. Has the shift to virtual events leveled the playing field for smaller companies?

How are you helping companies create unique experiences with the shift to virtual?