10 Things Top Salespeople Need to Stay On Top of Their Game

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Jul 28 2020 30 mins  

10 Things Top Performing Salespeople Need to Stay On Top of Their Game is the 2nd installment in our high performance selling series. This episode takes a tongue in cheek slightly irreverent look at things top salespeople need but rarely get from their own companies and leadership.

1) Real Help Winning Complex Competitive Opportunities

2) Help Planning How to Maximize Their Compensation Plan.

3) They Want Support and Coaching that Helps Them Achieve More 

4) Assistance Getting into Accounts They Don’t Have or Haven’t Been Able to Break Into

5) Confidence They Won’t Get Nickle, Dimed, or Robbed by the Company when they find their next game changer sale.

6) Approaches that Help Neutralize Competitive Threats

7) They want to be challenged on how to grow their current book of business

8) Be Pushed to Go Beyond What They Can Do Themselves

9) Ideas, Skills, and Attitude That Makes Them Better every day, every month and Quarter.

10) Ability to Focus on the Things that Matter