Creating a Culture of Business with Julio Maria Muhorro

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Sep 10 2020 47 mins  

Not every culture is built on entrepreneurship like the United States. In fact, for many places, the idea of creating and owning a business rather than taking the university route and getting a "job for life" can meet with push back from family, friends, and even society itself.

With Julio Maria Muhorro we talk about the growing trend of startups, regulation, currency, payment technologies, and all the things it takes to build a business in Mozambique.

Julio Maria Muhorro is an award-winning professional with a positive attitude, organization, and dependability. Julio uses his 7 years' experience within management, training, and research environments to enable personal, professional, and business growth. He is the founder of Sharing Knowledge International a company guided by the purpose of enabling powerful personal transformation to drive business career and life fulfillment by offering business advisory, executive counseling, transformational coaching for (aspiring) entrepreneurs and professionals, while also offering training, speaking engagements, and knowledge consultancy for organizations wanting to be in the top of their game and drive positive impact in the world.

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