EP004 - How To Grow Your Own Potatoes Perfectly.

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Mar 06 2020 38 mins  

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden Podcast with give a complete guide to growing your own potatoes. We look at the main categories first earlies, second earlier, main crop and salad potatoes looking at the best varieties in each and how and when to sow each type.  Talk about best soil types, talk about the tips and tricks to guarantee success including chitting, earthing up & harvesting and storing. We look at how you can successfully grow potatoes in containers  and recommend the best varieties if you are growing potatoes for the first time. We finish then giving tips as to how you can successfully grow potatoes to harvest at Christmas time. The complete guide to growing potatoes will be published soon on my website www.mastermygarden.com
 I hope enjoy this weeks episode and until next time.

Happy gardening