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Feb 25 2020 4 mins  

Congratulations for showing up with curiosity and possibility that there is a better life waiting for you on the other side of alcohol. During the journey of rewriting my relationship with alcohol, I dove deep into the uncovering the real truth about how the collective story about alcohol, is one more circumstance keeping people isolated and in pain.  I discovered that taking your sip is far from the first step of the process of getting alcohol out of your way. We will explore why breaking all the rules is not only fun, but how you move towards the NEXT LEVEL life you are ready to live. With my 5 Shift revolutionary process and inspiration from female leaders from around the world, we are going to throw a party you won’t want to miss. Watch as together, we change the world.  To sign up for a consultation & get your on demand training of the 5 Shifts Process, visit: www.marywagstaffcoach.com