Ep #13 Pregame Pep-talk with Erika Hicks

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Apr 17 2020 48 mins  

In this candid conversation with Artis, educator and creator of thirsty4spirit.com, an amazing blog and instagram page where Erika offers spiritual guidance for practical applications to becoming the "Catalyst in Guiding your own evolution". She asks are you "ARE YOU THIRSTY 4 YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN?" Implying a spiritual deficit present for many people who struggle with alcohol. This is something I agree with entirely. We continue to fill a void and search for meaning outside of ourselves, when the answers to that which brings ultimate satisfaction live, within. Erika shares her story of being kicked out of collage twice and how she used that as a catalyst to strengthen her path of spirit. Check out Erika's work Thirsty 4 Spirit, her Podcast: The Magical Holistic Healing Arts  and Instagram. Enjoy the show!