Ep. #35 It Starts and Ends With Me w/ Khadi Olagoke of Sober Black Girls Club

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Jul 22 2020 72 mins  

“Being a Black woman in a patriarchal, racist society can be overwhelming. It is exhausting.” From her website: Khadi Olagoke, lawyer and founder of Sober Black Girls Club, shares with us her journey from head of the class in law school to finding her authenticity and the root of WHY she was coping with alcohol. The discrepancies of representation present in the sober community for Black People, is startling. She speaks to how she is supporting Black and Brown Women put down the bottle and know that a life of joy and REAL pleasure is possible, exactly as you are, but that you must be willing to take a look at the shadow. “I am the work…This is the work of Self”, says Khadi. This interview opens the awareness of why it’s not just the criminal justice system of oppression that needs to change, but EVERY institution in our country. How discrimination runs throughout receiving support for sobriety from education to treatment. Don’t miss this important and powerful episode about how racism and white supremacy adds another layer of adversity to the black community of seeing what’s possible for a full, authentic, healthy life on the other side of alcohol. Khadi, thank you so much!
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