Ep. #47 How To Interrupt A Craving

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Oct 14 2020 38 mins  

In today's episode I am going to teach you the 4 essential steps for how to move through a craving for alcohol with grace, compassion and growth.
We must bring what has been unconscious, conscious. The subconscious habits and thoughts into the light.
First, you must commit to taking drinking off the table for the week, without any big deal or drama, but ADDING this process to start to shift your mindset around the habit.
Find a thought that works for you to commit: For example:
"I can drink whenever I want, today I am choosing growth."
Brainstorm ahead of time your:
1: Normal Triggers (times, circumstances when you drink)
2: Reasons why (these are you desire thoughts) I like it. I need to relax. Don't censor these thoughts.

4 Steps To Interrupt A Craving: (in real time)
#1: Become aware: What is the specific triggers. (time of day, person...)
#2: Get curious: What is the thought/why are you desiring it?
#3 Be compassionate: What is the emotion and the sensations in the body? (if strong emotion see ep #42 for how to process an overwhelming emotion)
#4: Growth through Grace: Breath, relax, feel, watch, allow.
Become the witness and watch the craving have a beginning, middle and end.
Inhale:This is a moment of frustration (insert your emotion)
Exhale: everyone experiences frustration.

Create some thoughts to get you inspire to stick to Interrupting a Craving Rather than resisting it.
"I can plan my life on purpose." I choose to be present for change and growth." "Life doesn't just happen to me, I decide."
#5 Take all of this work NEXT LEVEL and sign up for 1:1 coaching. Schedule a time to find out more HERE.