Ep. #48 100 First Yeses: Give your mind the unexpected

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Oct 21 2020 36 mins  

When was the last time you said yes for the first time? This is such a great question to ask yourself, for inspiration, for motivation, to remember your hearts desires. When we say YES to something NEW, we change the brain patterning and this is how WE change.
When you say NO to alcohol, you have two choices, sit in deprivation and shame, or say YES to something for the first time alcohol free.  When you evaluate all of the things you normally do in a year with alcohol, you can get inspired by stepping into curiosity of what can I gain from this experience that is more in line with the Woman I am becoming?
Cross of the list the things you would NEVER do unless you were drinking and add a NEW FIRST YES!
Dive into your imagination creating the image of the Woman who effortlessly shows up never needing or wanting alcohol. All from a place of self love and respect for your growth.

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