Ep. #52 Evolving Past Alcohol

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Nov 07 2020 91 mins  

Do you ever stop to ask yourself, how will I know when I have arrived, that moment where I can be at peace and I have made it? What if THIS is the moment? How would you know? Alcohol has a way of keeping you ANYWHERE but the present moment, which is the only place where true peace can exist. Either we are nostalgic about the subjective past of the "good old days", or terrified of the future yet to be told. Every moment is the opportunity to experience the fruits of your labor, until you step into that place of the compassionate witness, you will never be honouring you, and your life as it is in this moment, alcohol will always win the illusion of better.
Today, you get the change to hear me interview on the Podcast The Evolutionary, by David Knox. My journey evolving past alcohol and my passion for helping Women find freedom on the other side of their desire.

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Remember, taking your last sip isn't your first step!
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