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Mar 18 2020 32 mins  

Technology impacts the job search process in many ways, and leaders navigating a career transition must be able to stay ahead of the current changes. With more people working remotely for various reasons, technology plays an even larger role.

Executive search professional Michael Neece joins Jonathan to shed light on how to make the most of technological changes such as artificial intelligence and video platforms in your career transition and advancement. Michael brings 11 years of experience as an corporate hiring manager and an additional 11 years as a recruiter. 

In this episode, he shares insights on several different topics, including:

·         Changes in the career transition process due to a/I and video conferencing

·         Key strategies to help candidates better work with recruiters for placement

·         Actionable ideas to help you approach your interview and networking with confidence

·         How social prospecting affects a career transition – and how leaders can leverage it effectively

·         Valuable tips to help you best manage and leverage your budget for a successful career transition

·         And more!

Michael Neece is the CEO of Interview Mastery, which works with recruiters, employers, and candidates in innovative ways to transform the hiring process. You can learn more about his programs and services and contact him at interviewmastery.com.

Be sure to also visit careerexcitement.com to gain access to your free Career Transition Performance Snapshot. The Career TPS will help you pinpoint where to focus your efforts in each step of your career transition.