Ghosting in Your Career

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May 12 2020 3 mins  

I often hear the frustration of candidates who feel that they've been "ghosted" by a company after what seemed to be a positive application or interview experience. Sometimes, this is just due to a lack of time; companies simply don't have the resources to respond to everyone.

However, there's another side to this - ghosting your recruiter. Your search professional works hard to find the opportunities that best fit your personality, skills, and other needs. In order to make that relationship work, you have to be proactive.

In this episode, you'll discover why staying in touch with your recruiter is vital, as well as how to do so without overstepping. Join executive search professional Bill Dempsey and Jonathan as they discuss key strategies.

Bill Dempsey is the Founder and CEO of PSI Recruiters, a New York firm that focuses on healthcare professionals and specializes in medical imaging.

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