Adding Critical Points

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May 21 2020 3 mins  

When preparing for an interview, it's vital to co-lead the conversation - to plan your points and articulate your experience, abilities and value proposition. 

When the interview is coming to an end, you may feel you need to add another critical point. Is there an effective way to do this while still respecting the interviewer's time and position?

In this episode, Jonathan and executive search professional Don Zinn discuss how to handle - and how not to handle - this tricky interview situation.

Stay tuned for Don's full episode, releasing soon!

Don Zinn is Vice President - Executive Search at StevenDouglas, one of the nation’s leading boutique search and project-based professional services firms. Don's experience as a business operator combined with revenue and organizational building expertise, with real hands on experience as a CEO/COO of venture funded early and mid-stage companies, creates a powerful background for doing excellent executive search work.

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