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Jun 01 2020 31 mins  

As a leader, how can you best go about building effective relationships with recruiters in your field?

How has the leadership career transition process changed in the past 10 to 15 years, and how can you stay ahead of the crowd?

What steps can you take to best prepare for an interview, and how can you effectively co-lead the interview to communicate your abilities, personality and value?

In this episode, Jonathan and executive search professional Don Zinn discuss these questions and more.

1. Don discusses his unique approach to recruiting and placing the right person in the right position; as well as his experience and insights to help you build a strong, proactive relationship with your recruiter. Being authentic and intentional is vital.

2. Don and Jonathan discuss some key mistakes and wins that candidates have made over the years, leading to several key strategies to help leaders at various levels prepare for strong interviews. Don shares several insights regarding the steps of interview prep to help you set yourself apart.

3. As the candidate, it's your responsibility to co-lead the interview and make sure it goes as well as possible. Don offers solid strategies to help you balance the pace of your interview and articulate your unique, marketable value.

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Don Zinn is Vice President - Executive Search at StevenDouglas, one of the nation’s leading boutique search and project-based professional services firms. Don's experience as a business operator combined with revenue and organizational building expertise, with real hands on experience as a CEO/COO of venture funded early and mid-stage companies, creates a powerful background for doing excellent executive search work.

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