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Jun 09 2020 19 mins  

As an executive coach, many of my clients ask if I can help their son, daughter, or someone close to them who is a college student or new college grad. In this episode of The Career Transition Experts, I'm excited to talk with Ilene Rein, a search professional who specializes in helping younger professionals get hired.

Ilene shares the importance of presenting yourself well, especially for younger candidates. Many college students and grads find it challenging to set themselves apart in their resume and networking, especially without a strong professional background.

She gives valuable insights to help students and grads present their academic and extracurricular experience in a strong way. She also offers strategies to help younger candidates with interview preparation, confident articulation of strengths and values, and much more.

Ilene also shares what she has learned through researching and talking with many colleges across the country to help students and grads understand what boundaries to stay within as well as how to set themselves apart to the companies they want to apply to.

Ilene Rein is a recruiter with Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. as well as a speaker, career advisor, author, and mentor. You can learn more about Ilene and find her valuable resources at Pounding Pavement 101. She has written several valuable ebooks and other resources to help high school and college students and grads get hired quickly, which can be found on her site.

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