Ep26: Carl Bradford

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Jun 29 2020 26 mins  

Carl Bradford, owner of Bradford Consulting, is a 40-year veteran of the recruiting industry. He has experience both in corporate and private recruiting; he also trains other recruiters in the method of performance based hiring. Because of this experience, he has experience in nearly every recruiting industry. In this episode, Carl shares vital strategies to help you stand out as a candidate, no matter which industry you work in.

Starting out with "the best question of all time," Carl shares the one question you should always ask to position yourself as the top candidate in an interview. This question immediately gives you a strong understanding of what you'll need not only to complete a successful interview, but to be successful in the position, should you be chosen for the role.

Carl also shares how to clearly form your personal value proposition and clearly articulate it to both your recruiter and your interviewer. He discusses how to discover what an interviewer is really looking for in order to set yourself apart as the top candidate. He also explains the importance of properly and comprehensively preparing for an interview - and teaches you how to do so for behavioral interviews, which are becoming more popular among hiring managers.

In addition, Carl and Jonathan discuss how to clearly and concisely answer complex interview questions and gauge how detailed your interviewer would like you to be. These tips can help you quickly understand and communicate with different personality types, which in turn can help you nail your interviews.

In this episode, you'll also learn valuable strategies to help you stay in close touch with your recruiter and manager your job search. Organizational structure is key, as is building a strong relationship. This is essential, especially as the job market starts to heat up and recruiters become busier. Many companies are still actively hiring and filling their pipelines, so this ability is a vital part of your career transition.

Lastly, Carl emphasizes the importance of communication and shares strategies to help you develop strong communication with your recruiter, whether you're a candidate or representing a company.

Carl Bradford is the owner of Bradford Consulting in Fort Worth, TX, a specialized consulting and recruiting company focused on helping his clients find top talent for their most critical job vacancies. You can find more about Carl and contact him at https://bradfordconsulting.com/.

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