Ep28: What's Your Operating Style?

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Jul 08 2020 4 mins  

When you're networking with a new contact or preparing for an interview, one of the most challenging aspects can be knowing how to communicate. Many people find it difficult enough to articulate their experience, values, and strengths without also trying to determine the wording and attitude that will best resonate with the other person.

In our full episode this week, veteran search professional Marc Hutto shares several valuable strategies and resources that he uses with his candidates. One of these is a tool that will analyze the wording in someone's LinkedIn profile, giving you a short report that will equip you with the tone, phrases, and more to help you communicate effectively with each specific person.

This can give you a huge advantage in your career transition!

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Marc Hutto is the Founder and CEO of Reveal Global Intelligence, a professional services firm that offers Passive Talent Recruiting and Sourcing services to large, global companies and rapidly growing small businesses. Marc offers 14 years of recruiting experience as well as 15 years with the world's 4th largest bank, offering a unique blend of skills and experience that have equipped him to reinvent the recruitment process.

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