Ep32: Talking About the Past

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Jul 16 2020 3 mins  

I often ask my podcast guests about mistakes or poor choices they've seen candidates or hiring managers make. This isn't to point out the people who make the errors, but to help my listeners learn from the mistakes of others.

In this episode, NSENG founder Marty Gilbert explains the importance of not speaking negatively about your past, even about things that may not have been very positive. This can be challenging to do, but Marty offers actionable tips and strategies to help you do so - as well as the reasons a positive framework will give you an advantage.

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Marty Gilbert is the Founder, CEO, and Job Search Coach of NSENG (NorthShore Executive Networking Group) in the Chicago area. For over 30 years, Marty was a senior level leader in marketing, sales, and product development for technology firms; for the past decade, he has led 6,500+ leaders and executives through their successful career transitions. You can learn more about Marty and the resources he has to offer at nsenginc.com.

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