Ep35: Solve the Right Problem

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Jul 27 2020 4 mins  

We all know that basic interview preparation is essential, but if you want to position yourself as the top candidate, this prep needs to go beyond planning out how to articulate your experience and value proposition.

In order to set yourself apart, you need to be able to find out (through research and asking the right questions) what problems the company is actually trying to solve. You may have the right background, a great skill set and a personality that will fit well into the company's culture, but if you can't solve the problem at hand, it's likely you'll be passed over.

Listen as veteran search professional Anthony Caputi explains how to make sure you're asking the right questions and positioning yourself well.

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Anthony Caputi is the Managing Director at Ezekiel Global Executive Search, a company based in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in working with US and European entrepreneurial and growth-stage businesses. You can find Anthony on LinkedIn and at EzekielGlobal.com.

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