Ep36: 5 Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Career Transition

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Jul 28 2020 7 mins  

In the midst of the current pandemic and with a look toward the future post-pandemic “new normal,” as cliché as that may sound, it’s likely that nothing is going to go completely back to normal. That’s the bad news.

There is good news, though! With so many businesses in the process of pivoting and change, it’s a great time to set a new trajectory in your career. Whether you have found yourself laid off or are seeing everyone around you losing hope, now is the time to design an enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling future.

To do that effectively, you must avoid the 5 common pitfalls that could derail a successful transition.

Find out how to position yourself for the job you want - and what pitfalls to avoid.

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