Ep44: Candice Zaniewski

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Aug 12 2020 25 mins  

Search professional Candice Zaniewski is the founder of a specialty recruiting firm that works with companies in several industries, many of which have stayed active or even grown during the changes brought on by Covid-19. Some of these industries include architecture, engineering and manufacturing. She is also active in placing strong candidates in pharmaceutical companies, sales, and other leadership roles.

As a recruiter, Candice is passionate about making sure each stage of the hiring process runs smoothly; however, she stresses the importance of making sure the beginning steps are completed strategically and proactively, as this will often cause the rest of the process to be much easier.

Join Jonathan and Candice as they discuss:

  • The best way to advocate for yourself throughout the hiring process
  • How to network effectively without being "salesy"
  • Their favorite personality assessments to help candidates pinpoint their strengths and communicate with networking contacts, recruiters and decision makers
  • How to work and communicate with your recruiter in a way that equips them to advocate for you
  • The importance of following through, credibility and overcommunication in your career transition

You'll also learn how to navigate situations that can make a huge difference in your job search (including how to effectively discuss and negotiate compensation) and learn strategies for positioning yourself well in the post-Covid job market.

You can find the assessments Candice and Jonathan discussed, as well as an additional assessment, at the following links:

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Candice Zaniewski is the founder of Tailored Talent, a Talent Acquisition firm that specializes in building strong relationships and tailoring recruitment services for a variety of firms. You can find out more about Candice on LinkedIn as well as at ttalent.com.

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